Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dudley And Son Went To The Gun Range Today ...

to shoot Dudleys deer rifle. Dudley may not get the opportunity to go deer hunting this year but he wants to be ready just in case. Frank shot a box of ammo and had a good time. If you want to see a bunch of rednecks and pickup trucks, go to any gun range in Texas this time of year. Rifle deer season opens on November 1st and everyone was out checking the zero on their rifle. Hunters owe it to their quarry to make sure the gun is sighted in and should always strive to make a one shot kill. It was kind of strange going to this range. Dudley had been there only once before some thirty or so years ago. Dudley was in college and had come home for Christmas. Dudley received the gun we were shooting as a present, a Remington model 700 BDL .243 rifle. The gun was a hand me down from Dudleys step father but was like brand new. It probable had not had a box of shells shot through it when Dudley got it for Christmas. Anyway Dudley and some of his friends took it out to the range and the gun had iron sights and Dudley could not hit the target consistently at 100 yards. Dudley quickly started saving up his money for a scope after that outing. I remember one of my friends took his fathers M1 Carbine out to the range that day and we all took turns shooting it as well. One of Franks friends just purchased a Ruger Mini-14 NRA edition rifle and he was supposed to meet us out there but he got held up and did not make it out. Frank and I had some quality father and son time together and we are getting ready to enjoy watching the Cowboy game in a little while. The girls went to a wedding so we should be able to watch the game without any distractions.

Iv'e see the pics of that mini-14, it looks pretty cool. too bad you didn't get a chance to shoot it.
maybe next time.
Ya Joe those mini 14's are really nice. I am sure we will get another chance.

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