Monday, October 20, 2008


Dudley And Daughter Are Both Sick ...

and have not been feeling well at all. Dudleys daughter started feeling bad Sunday and has come down with one of those 24 hour stomach viruses. Dudley has a terrible sinus infection. Dudleys daughter will bounce back and be on her feet pretty quick. Dudley won't be that lucky, he has an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the doctor. Some heavy duty drugs are called for this time around. I think the Ragweed has been blooming and Dudleys allergies have been working overtime. We probably will not get a heavy frost for at least three or four weeks and that is what it will take to kill the Ragweed. This happens every year, damn it is not easy when you get all stopped up and have a hard enough time breathing any way. When Dudley gets all congested he can't breath through his nasal mask which is needed to use his Bipap machine. Dudley requested a full face mask to use when he can not breath through his nose but the one they sent would not work. Hopefully I will get some good medication tomorrow at the doctors office and I will feel better in a few days. Hopefully Dudleys daughter will get a good nights sleep tonight and feel like going to school tomorrow. She has not been this sick in a long time. Dudley hopes his little girl gets to feeling better real soon.

I'm sorry to hear you guys are under the weather. Seems to be that time of year. The viruses are making the rounds. Hope you're both feeling better soon.
Thanks Terri, we feel better all ready.

Good to know you are feeling better...take care my friend.
I hope both of you are feeling better today
Well, maybe you'll both be up and about here shortly. Being sick makes it a lot harder to get through the day.
Thanks Marian, I need to get to feeling better on the off chance I get to go deer hunting.

Thanks H2O, Lizzie was able to go back to school today, she bounced back quickly. Dudley went to the doctor and got three shots and two prescriptions so I shouuld start feeling better soon.

You are right about that Hermit, sometimes it is tough enough when one is feeling well.

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