Friday, September 19, 2008


Meredith Was Released From The Hospital In Boston ...

today and her father took her to the airport and she boarded a plane back to Texas. She will be living with her mother and stepfather and will be going for physical therapy to regain what what function she has lost due to the brain aneurysm. She is in good hands as her stepfather is a pediatrician. Meredith is an amazing young lady. She has been through more trauma and hospitals and doctors and surgery than most people would endure in multiple lifetimes. Her father has been updating her latest fight and her progress on a blog here. Dudley and family have been praying for her recovery and wish her the best.

I'm so glad to hear Meredith is doing well! It sounds like she's got a bright future ahead. I'll keep her in my prayers.
Thanks Terri.

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