Friday, September 19, 2008


I Received Some Photos Today Of The Marina Where ...

my cousin keeps his sailboat. The second and third photos from the top are of his boat. He was pretty lucky, the damage appears to be fairly minor and came from the side of the boat rubbing against the wooden dock. Boats can be fixed, I am glad both of my cousins came through the hurricane with no injury and minimal damage to their homes and such. I think both may still be without electricity which is a pain in the ass. Hopefully they will get that restored before too much longer. Dudleys wife heard from her old college roommate that lives in Clear Lake. Her and her husband and their teenage daughter evacuated prior to the hurricane but made it back to their home yesterday and were relieved to find minimal damage to their home. A lot of people were not that fortunate. Ike will be remembered for a long time. At least until the next killer hurricane strikes the Texas Coast.

Texas and the Ike aftermath seem to have vanished from the news lately. I guess the talking heads are concentrating on the election, because every time I check a news channel that's all that's on. Glad your relatives didn't get washed out to sea.
Thanks Hermit, The election and the economy does seem to be taking center stage at the moment.

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