Sunday, September 14, 2008


Dudley Survived Hurricane Ike Which Was No Big Deal ...

considering the fact Dudleys domicile is three hundred miles from the Texas Coast. We got a little rain but not much. Again the majority of the rain was to the east. Dudleys uncle came by today and said his daughter and son who both live in Houston are OK. both are without electricity but survived the storm without any damage to their homes. Cousin Kristen works for a large bank in Houston and she is going to be working overtime no doubt trying to keep the economy going. Cousin Todd lives in a house near downtown Houston and he sat out on the covered front porch of his home all night and rode out the hurricane. He told my uncle he could hear all kinds of loud noises coming from the large buildings downtown as the buildings were giving way to Hurricane Ike. He has been unable to get to the marina in Kemah on Galveston Bay where he keeps his 27 foot sailboat berthed. His boat likely is gone but time will tell. If they don't get his electricity restored very soon, he likely will come up and stay with his dad in Fort Worth. He is a computer whiz and does all of his work from a laptop computer. He does all of his work from home or from his sailboat. All of his clients are overseas. He lived for many years in France and Holland and only moved back to the US a couple of years ago. He speaks French and Dutch as well as his native English fluently. Dudley is glad they came through the storm without any physical injury. Houses, cars and boats can be repaired or replaced.

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