Thursday, September 25, 2008


Dudley Picked Up His New Springfield Armory XD9 ...

sub compact semi auto 9mm pistol yesterday. Dudley will have a lot more firepower at hand than with his Taurus 5 shot snub nose revolver. This gun will be a lot more fun to shoot at the range as well. The XD9 came with factory installed night sights which is a nice option to have. The gun has a good feel to it and the small size will make it easy to conceal/carry when needed. Dudley used to shoot a Beretta 92F but sold it a few years ago, it was a great pistol but was too big for conceal/carry. The XD9 comes with both a 10 and a 16 shot clips the latter which is not legal in California. Hard to believe the Terminator is the Governor of a State full of limp wristed anti gun nuts. The last picture is of Dudleys next gun purchase, he has always wanted one of those high capacity pump shotguns. If and when the economy tanks and the riots and the looting start, Dudley will be ready.

A wise investment. That's a piece of gear you may well need here before long. Particularly if Osama Obama actually loses the election. Then hold on to your hat!
If he loses the election or if he wins. Either way we appear to be in for some difficult times.

Nice hand gun jdp...hope you don't have to use it...other than practice shooting/play!
i got an XD in a 40. i love it.
Joe I have not been to the range to shoot mine but am looking forward to it. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

Marian, I hope the only use I have for the pistol is at the range but this day and time you never know. In the last few weeks there have been two home invasions in the area where I live and in both cases the homeowners fought back and won the battle. Better prepared than not.

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