Sunday, August 17, 2008


You Tube Finally Fixed The Feature Allowing One ...

to post a video to one's blog with just a single mouse click. This feature has been missing in action for the past several weeks. This of course did not stop Dudley from continuing to try to post videos to Dudleys Diary. Friday night Dudley was rewarded for all his hard work when twenty or so videos began posting to the blog one after another some in duplicate or triplicate which just confirms Dudley is persistent if not downright stupid. All is well now, Dudley deleted all of the offending videos except for the one showing the earthquake with the car driving off into a black hole in the ground. Dudley thought that one was pretty cool. Most of the videos Dudley had all ready posted to the blog via blogger. A little while ago, Dudley posted What Would Kimbo Do Two and it does appear You Tube has fixed the feature once and for all. That may be wishful thinking but Dudley can only hope.

Go Dudley! Go Dudley! Go Dudley!
Hey Hermit, Not a problem anymore I got "Oops I Crapped My Pants."

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