Sunday, August 31, 2008


It Looks Like New Orleans Is Going To Get Hit ...

by another category four or five hurricane. Will the levees hold or won't they? If the city floods a second time I hope someone might get the idea finally that it is not a good idea to build a town that is below sea level in a hurricane prone coastal area. Dudley is enjoying watching all of the hurricane preparations on the news. At least the good citizens of New Orleans had the good sense this time to get off of their ass and evacuate. Well on second thought they were ordered out this time. I guess that doesn't count does it? I saw Mayor Ray Nagin on the tube a little while ago threatening that any looters would be dealt with severely this time and they would be immediately transported to Angola State Prison. Sounds like a hollow threat to Dudley. If memory serves, I think several members of the New Orleans P. D. were some of the worst offenders after Katrina. How about issuing an order to shoot to kill any and all looters on sight. That might get their attention but then again probably not.

All those people who went back and rebuilt are now probably going to lose everything again. I doubt many will go back for a third time if it is as bad as the predictions say.
Hermit it looks like they may have dodged the bullet this time but it will happen again.

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