Monday, August 18, 2008


It Is Raining At The Dudley Domicile Today ...


which is good, we need all of the rain we can get, especially this time of year. Dudley was supposed to go to see his pulmonologist today but he called and left word that he would need to reschedule. Dudley is trying to hang on to what limited mobility he has for has long as he can. No sense in taking chances getting out and slipping on a wet sidewalk and falling and breaking a leg or a hip. Dudleys neurologist who is five years older fell and broke his hip last year. He has the same type of muscular dystrophy as Dudley and it really took a toll on his mobility and his health from what Dudley observed in the doctors office. Maybe Dudley is a big wimp but he would rather err on the side of caution and not take any unnecessary risks. Lizzie and her friend Melissa are out running around today, shopping and getting ready for school which starts a week from today. Frank got rained out today at the lawn service, first time all summer. I think we are going to watch a war movie in a little while, The Thin Red Line. Hopefully it will be a good movie, it has a bunch of big name actors in it. It ought to be good. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day as well. We may watch a bunch of movies if this weather keeps up.

Yes, rain is good. Good move staying in.
I dropped by from Bob's blog and thought I would leave a comment since I always wonder about people who stop at my blog and never say a word. You have a nice blog and beautiful children (I, too, have a boy and a girl, but a bit older). My daughter would love that jeep.
I didn't like "The Thin Red Line" very much. But it might do for a rainy day.
Yes Bob, I think staying home was the right call for me. And we are getting more rain today. I am starting to get cabin fever.

Bag Blog, thanks for stopping by Dudleys Diary.

Hermit we did not enjoy the movie overall, too much dialog and comtelplating the meaning of life. We did enjoy the battle scenes though.

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