Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Internet Police May Come Knock On Dudleys Door ...

The other night, Dudley suspected something was up with his two teenagers. They had been spending a good deal of time playing around with Franks laptop computer. But what really tipped off Dudley was when they began to go into their rooms and speak in hushed tones about who knows what. Dudley finally called the juvenile delinquents into the den and asked them what the heck they were up to. At first they denied doing anything but after further inquisition, Dudley discovered that they had been using the laptop to borrow one of the neighbors wi-fi wireless Internet connection to access the Internet. Dudley did a Google search on the subject and apparently it is not against the law per se. Some how it does not seem quite right. Can anyone give me any advice about this. Should I put a stop to the practice or just let the kiddos have their fun. Your thoughts will be most appreciated.

I think this is strictly a moral issue. Cyphening of the wi-fi is done most places these days. You can go to cafes or sit next to libraries and obtain the free goods. Heck, even some cities offer free city-wide wi-fi internet acess.

But your neighbor is not a coffee shop or a library. Therein lies the dilema. But, it is not costing him money either.

I am not sure if this would do any damage in terms of interrupting his internet. If so, then that should be paramount when considering the situation.

If not, the teens should know and understand that nothing is really 'free'. I suggest you tell your two teenages to repay the free service in kind. Have the kids do some yard work for the neighbor, or clean out their gutter.

I feel this would be a good compromise.

Just some thoughts,

Mrs. Hall
I guess we are a little old fashioned Mrs. Hall. My kids tell me everybody does it. So in their mind, it must be ok.

Well, I don't know about all internet. I think some people don't get charged for how much they use their service. But mine is over a satellite, and I am limited to how much I can use it before I have to pay more, so I wouldn't want people using it. On the other hand, both my brothers routinely go "WAR driving" which means when they travel, they pull into the McDonalds parking lot and hook into their network to check their email.

Guess it's a judgement call.
I have a wi-fi router on my cable hood up..and it puts a signal out about 250 feet..and as far as I know I am not charged any extra for it. And, if someone is on it I don't think it affects me any.
Hermit, where you live, I don't think you have to worry about anyone borrowing your Wi-Fi.

GuyK you probably need to take steps to secure your wi-fi connection if you have not allready done so.

For almost all users they just pay for access, like an internet buffet if you will. I have mooched the net from time to time and if it really bothers people they secure their wireless connections.
Hello Ryan, thanks for stopping by Dudleys Diary.

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