Sunday, August 10, 2008


Frank Is Working This Afternoon To Install A ...

gun rack into our 1983 Jeep CJ-5. Dudley put one in the Jeep soon after he got it back in March of 1983 and used it for years to hold rifles and shotguns for hunting trips all over the Great State of Texas. Dudley used to have a tow bar on the front of the Jeep and would pull it behind Dudleys pick up on hunting trips. A lot of great memories involve the old Jeep and gun rack. The gun rack was really handy for trips to the shooting range as well. Dudley took the old gun rack out several years ago after he pretty much quit hunting after moving from East Texas to the big city. Dudley bought a replacement gun rack about a year ago and Frank put it together today and is out in the Jeep installing it as I type this. Frank is anxious to put his shot gun in the gun rack and go over and pick up one of his buddy's and go to the trap and skeet range which is located about five miles from Dudleys domicile. I know how he feels and if Dudley was 19 years old and still able, he would be doing the same thing.

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