Friday, August 8, 2008


Everything Was Upside Down On Dudleys Desktop ...

earlier. Dudeys daughter Lizzie was on the computer and decided to restart it because it was running a little slow. Sometimes this will cause the machine to run a little faster don't you know. Well she did so and than began to holler that everything was upside down. All of the Icons on the desktop were upside down, the start menu was upside down, the cursor arrow was upside down. She pulled up the Internet and it was Topsy Turvy. Dudley feared a dreaded computer virus so Dudley called his sister at work and asked her to Google a fix for me. She did not believe me and thought I was pulling a joke on her. I put Lizzie on the phone and she convinced her we indeed were looking at the Internet and standing on our heads and needed help. She found a fix that said to push the Alt+Control+ Arrow Key. Lizzie tried this and it did not work. Dudley then sat down at the computer and tried with the same results. She then said to try to right click the Desktop/Graphic Options/Rotation/Normal. Dudley did so and it worked like a charm. The screen went black for a second and then came back on and everything was right side up. Catastrophe averted and everything is back to normal at least for now around the Dudley Domicile. Thanks Big Sis!

You're welcome Bubba! By the way, Tommy said to just turn your monitor upside down.
Tell Tommy I allready thought of that but I wanted a more permanent solution.

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