Thursday, August 14, 2008


Dudley Went Out And Took A Photo Yesterday Evening ...

of his offspring as they came wheeling into the court on the way home from the store. We had run out of the elixir of life around the Dudley domicile or as some may know it, Dr. Pepper. Frank washed the Jeep last weekend and unbeknownst to Dudley had taken the top off. Dudley got a little peeved last year when he went away to college and failed to put the top back on the Jeep. Dudley struggled and finally was able to get the job done on his own but it is painful coming to the realization that what once could be done in a matter of a few minutes can barely be done at all given ones physical limitations. When Dudley asked why he dared take the top off with out asking he responded a quote he learned from Dudley ... "It is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission." Dudley was kind of glad to see the Jeep topless. Riding in the Jeep with the sky above is what Jeeps are all about. It is a feeling of freedom you just can not get in a closed in vehicle. After dinner, Frank drove Dudley to a Best Buy store to get some batteries for his camera. The store is not in the best part of town and Dudley did not want to sit out in the open Jeep while Frank went inside and made the purchase so Dudley took along his 9mm just in case. We made the trip without incident but it is nice to know one could defend ones self should the need arise. The batteries in Dudleys camera died after taking the above picture. I will try and post a photo of the new gun rack in the Jeep later today or tomorrow. Dudleys daughter went up to the high school and registered for classes yesterday. She is going to be a junior. I am sure she is thrilled to be starting classes in about a week and a half ... NOT!

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