Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dudley Has Finally Decided What Kind Of Sub Compact Pistol He Wants To Buy ...

A Springfield Armory XD9. I learned of this gun from reading Hermits blog the other day when someone asked his thoughts on the best compact 9mm for concealed carry purposes. One of Hermits readers suggested this pistol. I have been researching the gun and it is just what I have been looking for. I have heard of Springfield guns for years and thought they catered to the high end custom market. From the reviews I have read, this gun appears to be of high quality and very reliable and more importantly safe. I have been carrying a snub nose Taurus five shot revolver in a belly type holster. I have been a little leery of carrying a loaded and cocked Glock or similar gun as they do not have an external safety. This gun has a grip safety as well as trigger safety similar to the Glock. When you hold the gun in a shooting grip, the grip safety is automatically depressed and you simply pull the trigger and the gun fires. Dudley is going to order this gun in black with night sights installed at the factory. The gun is not cheap but should be worth every dollar. Dudley used to own and shoot a Beretta 92F but it was too big for practical concealed carry. The XD9 looks like a winner.

Everbody seems to like them. I don't have an XD, although I have a Springfield M1911 and it's a nice gun.
Looks like the gun I have been wanting Hermit.

I just got the full size SA XD in a 40. Nice choice.
That is great Joe, I am going to go with the 9mm due to less recoil. Another choice brought about by my muscular dystrophy.

Great choice.. I love the XD Series, I have a 45 Tactical but that Sub Compact would be MY choice for a backup or hideout handgun...
Fred I think the tactical would be a little big for concealed carry. The subcompact looks to be just what I need.

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