Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dudley Called The High School This Morning ...

and spoke to Lizzie's counselor. When she came home from her first day of school yesterday she said "they" messed up her schedule and she was not signed up for soccer. Dudley asked her about it and she insisted she wants to play soccer. Dudley had no idea who her counselor would be this year but he got lucky. When he called the counselors office, the guy that answered the phone just happened to be her counselor. No chance of being told to leave a message or being put on hold for an extended period of time. Dudley told him of the class schedule not including soccer and he advised he would call Lizzie into his office and get this taken care of. When I spoke to Lizzie later in the afternoon she said she now is in soccer class. She acted a little perturbed that I had intervened but I think she knows I care about her and just want to help. Dudley still feels like crap. He has a sinus infection. I now realize I caught a cold or some type of respiratory infection from Lizzie, she was sick and coughing last week. I called my primary care physician and left a message for the doctor to please call a RX for an antibiotic into my pharmacy but no one ever called me back or called the pharmacy. I am going to the pulmonologist tomorrow for a regularly scheduled appointment. Hopefully he will write me a RX so I can get this cleared up. Dudley has not been able to breath well with his Bipap machine and oxygen concentrator due to the congestion and has not been getting much sleep. Will see what happens tomorrow at the doctors office.

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