Thursday, July 17, 2008


Not Much Going On Around The Dudley Domicile ...

this week. Dudleys daughter is still in Michigan with the youth group from our church. Dudleys son is still mowing 20 to 25 yards each day in the wonderful Texas heat. Dudleys wife is having to deal with a failed program at work that that those in charge spent untold millions of dollars on and her and her co workers are scrambling trying to clean up the mess while those in charge are scrambling trying to cover their asses. Reminds Dudley that there are advantages to being retired. Yesterday, Dudley went by his barber shop but he did not need a haircut. Dudley had told his barber about the place in northeast Texas he and Frank went for a vacation last month and he had said he might want to take his grandson up there for a little R & R. So Dudley printed him a brochure and took it by and dropped it off. Yesterday afternoon, we got some much needed rain, Dudley and dog went out and sat on the front porch and watched it rain for about fifteen minutes. It was nice while it lasted. We sure could use some more rain though. Yesterday a lady with the medical supply company called and asked how the new bipap machine was working for me. I told her not too well, I advised the machine was wanting me to take breaths to quickly and that the doctor had prescribed me sleeping medication to try and get used to the machine. She told me that she could talk me through changing the settings on the machine over the phone. I had her call me back on the cell phone and put her on the speaker and she told me how to unlock the machine and change the rise time. I changed it from 3 to 6 and she told me she would call and check with me today. Last night I tried to go to sleep and quickly figured out I was having more trouble than before. So Dudley got up and unlocked the machine and saw that the rise time could be set from 1 to 6, it initially was on 3 and 6 was worse so Dudley went the other way and lowered the setting to 1. It worked like a charm, Dudley slept much better last night than he has been sleeping. I do think this new machine is allowing Dudley to sleep much deeper than he has the last several years on the old machine. The reason I think so is Dudley has been having some really weird dreams since using the new machine. Perhaps Dudley will finally sleep better and he can only hope actually feel a little better for a change. Just don't tell Dudleys neurologist as he would no doubt have a fit if he knew Dudley had the key to the castle ie the unlock code for his new breathing machine.

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