Friday, July 18, 2008


If You Did Not Watch Soundstage Last Night ...

on PBS, you missed a great show. Stevie Nicks can belt out a rock song like no other female singer. This was her first filmed solo performance since 1987, it was worth the wait. She is amazing and looks the same to Dudley as she did over thirty years ago. Hard to believe she is 60 years old! She performed some of her old hits from Fleetwood Mac and several of her new solo songs. The best thing is last nights show was just Part 1 of a two part show. I think Part 2 will be on next week and from looking at the song list on PBS, the best is yet to come. She will be performing Rhiannon and Edge of Seventeen (my favorite Stevie Nicks song) as well as Landslide next week. Stevie has been through some tough times in her life but her voice sounded as strong as ever and it appears she is at peace with where she has been and who she is. Dudley can hardly wait until the second go round. She can Rock.

I've got my TV set to DVR both shows so I can watch them when I can relax and enjoy them. She has been one of my favorites for a long time.
She is one of my favorites as well BobG.

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