Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Frank Took The Old Jeep To A Second Place ...

to try to get an Inspection Sticker for it. The old one recently expired and he took it to a place near where we live and they said it failed for an exhaust leak and the high beam indicator light was not working. I suspected the mechanics in the repair shop were slow and they were just trying to drum up some business for the shop. The reason being is that they did not get out the old black magic marker and put a big black X on the old inspection sticker. This has happened in the past when it failed for a bonafide reason. Frank took it to another place down the road and they passed the Jeep with flying colors. The high beam indicator bulb has been burned out for a good ten years or more and that never caused the Jeep to fail an inspection. We did have to pay for the inspection fee twice but that is a lot less than the mechanics shop would have charged to replace the light bulb and repair the non existent exhaust leak. It was less than 15.00 each time which is not too bad. Now that the Jeep is over 25 years old it is exempt from having to have the emissions test which is a good thing. That test costs about twenty bucks and if the vehicle ever fails the emissions test, it can get real expensive to make the needed repairs to get it to pass.

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