Monday, July 14, 2008


Dudley Called His Neurologist Today And Left Word ...

for him to call me. I got my new Bipap machine last week and have not been able to sleep very well at all. The damn machine won't let me breathe when I want to. I will try to take a breath and it will cut me off, when I want to breath in it wants me to breath out and vice versa. After a couple of nights of fit full tossing and turning and fighting the machine, I gave up and went back to using my old Bipap machine and oxygen concentrator. The doctor called me back within an hour and I told him that I was not doing well at all on the new machine. I got the impression from the doctor that if we don't figure this out, Dudley might better start working on his Bucket List before too long. The doctor said that perhaps I needed to take a couple of sleeping pills to help me tolerate and get used to the new machine. I did take two sleeping aids as he called them at the sleep clinic and he said I slept over seven hours, and went through all of the stages of sleep you are supposed to and that my oxygen levels were good during the test without the supplemental oxygen. So I agreed to try the sleeping pills to see if this will enable me to use this new machine. I do not like the idea of taking sleeping pills to sleep but the doctor flat out told me I will live longer using this new machine than the old one. I do trust this neurologist, I have been going to him for years, he is a very smart man, and he suffers from the same form of Muscular Dystrophy that I have been diagnosed with. If anyone can understand what I have to deal with on a daily basis, I think he certainly is well qualified to that task. Dudley will just keep on fighting , that is what he has always done. Frank took Dudley for a ride in his old Jeep CJ-5 today. It was fun to ride around and feel the wind through Dudleys hair. We are getting ready to watch the Home Run Derby. Good Luck Josh Hamilton! Go Rangers!

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