Monday, July 28, 2008


Big News Around The Dudley Domicile Today ...

Dudleys daughter Lizzie got her first real job today at a local Pizza Parlor. She has been looking for a job all summer at local fast food places and had put in a bunch of applications without any luck. She is 16 with no real job experience other than baby sitting. She is excited about the new job as are we. She starts her training tomorrow. Not sure yet how many hours she will be working or how much she will make but the experience will be the main thing. Hopefully she will be able to continue working part time after school starts next month. She is looking forward to having a little more spending money for gas and clothes and such. Dudleys baby girl is growing up, It was bound to happen but the thought of her doing so makes Dudley a little sad.

Congrats to Lizzie! From what I know of her (from your writing) she's a highly motivated girl and she'll be an asset to the pizza parlor.
Thanks Terri. Am glad you are home recovering and hope your father gets to go home soon as well.

Yeah for Lizzie. I hope she has fun working there.
Thanks H2O she seems to be liking the job fine so far.

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