Sunday, June 29, 2008


A Week Ago, Frank And Three Friends ...

went to a local municipal golf course and played a round of golf. Frank has not played golf in a few years. I was glad to see him dust his clubs off and give it a try. He did not break 100 but he was not the only one. I think one of his friends shot a 97. They rented a couple of carts which was probably a good idea as the temperature was pushing 100 degrees. Frank said a good time was had by all. Dudley played a little golf growing up but was never very good at it. The last time Dudley played was in college. After that when Dudley got a little free time from work, he tried to spend it out on the lake in his boat fishing or out in a deer stand hunting. Fishing and hunting were Dudleys favorite past times, to him it was a lot more fun and productive than chasing a little white ball around with a stick trying to knock it into a hole. Fried venison steaks or catfish or crappie are hard to beat.

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