Monday, June 30, 2008


Frank Went Fishing Yesterday Afternoon Over At ...

the 3,500 acre lake near where we live. He went out in his kayak and managed to catch one small freshwater drum. He was trying to catch some sand bass but was unable to find any. He finally had to get off the water when the wind started picking up. Surprised he did not get run off by the jet skis and the power boats this time of year. Frank went back to work early this morning. I have heard from Dudleys daughter, she and the wife are still down in Cozumel having the time of their lives. She said her and her friend Melissa went snorkeling at a coral reef Saturday and saw some fish. She said they ate dinner at the resort they are staying at. She said she got to practice her High School Spanish. I hope she did not say anything by mistake that could harm US/Mexican relations. Yesterday, her and Melissa paid a bunch of dinero to go swimming with the dolphins. I bet that was fun, you know Dudley always enjoyed watching Flipper when he was a small child. Dudley needs to get up away from the computer and go take a shower and get dressed. He has to go to the bank and get some papers notarized and then go to the post office, eat lunch and then it is off to DFW airport to pick up the world travelers. Dudley would just as soon go have another root canal as to drive up to the airport. The traffic is terrible up there on the freeways and in the air. Dudley remembers going out to DFW one night late back in 1975 with one of his friends. This was right after getting our drivers licenses and was the first time Dudley had seen the airport. It was and still is an impressive sight but one I would just as soon not see anymore if I can help it.

I want to take my Sevylor boat and catch a big one like that!
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