Friday, June 27, 2008


Dudleys Wife And Daughter And Her Best Friend ...

are in Cozumel Mexico by now. They got up at 4 AM to get up and get ready to make it to the DFW airport for a 7 AM flight. I got a couple of text messages from the wife letting me know they got on the plane about 5 minutes before 7 and were preparing to take off. I do know Dudleys daughter got a window seat which was great news. This is the first time Dudleys 16 year old daughter has flown anywhere and I so wanted her to be able to look out the window during her flight. One of Dudleys wife's college roommates who lives in Houston is going on the trip as well. She is meeting them down there. She is a retired school teacher and is now a travel agent so I bet they will get top notch service on this trip. I hope they have a good time. I hope Dudleys daughter will go para sailing while she is down there. Dudley always wanted to give that a try but missed his one chance at doing so. You can read about that adventure here if you like. I hope she gets to go snorkeling and spends some time at the beach. I just hope she remembers to wear plenty of sunscreen as her red hair and lilly white skin do not need to much exposure to the sun. I heard something yesterday about her and her friend wanting to go swimming with the dolphins while in Cozumel. I think para sailing would be safer, I remember what happened to Hank Hill when he tried that.

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