Friday, June 27, 2008


Dudley Has Tried To Get Some Word From Wife And Daughter ...

saying that they arrived in Cozumel safely. No response so far to my phone calls or text messages. Dudley can only hope that they made it ok and are having a great time. I am sure they are down there some where.

they're right there on the edge of the lagoon coloured water waving at you. It's beautiful down there, but the cell reception is astoundingly bad.
Brigid I finally heard from my daughter last night about 8 PM, they made it down there and no doubt are having a great time.

Must have been nerve wracking for you when they were out of contact. I get nervous if I can't raise my daughter at her apartment or on her cell phone up in Vancouver.
Hermit you are right, I think we all get spoiled by the instant communication provided by cell phones and the internet.

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