Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yesterday, Dudley Went To The Post Office ...

and mailed the signed contract to the attorney that is going to be handling our protest with the appraisal district over the valuation on our homestead. I filled out a detailed evaluation report on our home letting them know about all of the things that are wrong with the house. Our house was built in 1958 and is turning fifty years old this year. I think when we hopefully get the news that the attorney wins our protest and our property taxes are reduced, we will have a birthday party for our home. After I went to the post office, I went and got my oil changed in my pick up and got a free exterior car wash for my trouble. The car wash is next door to the oil change place and I drove up and did not even have to get out of the truck. I put my transmission in neutral and had my foot on the brake because the guy was walking in front of my truck and I did not want to run him over. He did not speak much English and just for fun, I kept my foot on the brake. He came over and tapped on my drivers side window. I rolled it down and he said "neutral" and I said it is in neutral. Then he said "brake" and I said ya my foots on the brake. Then I let my foot off the brake and the track pulled my truck through the car wash. That was almost as fun as playing games with foreign customer service reps on the phone. I didn't realize how dirty my truck was until I looked at it when I got home. It looks like a new truck. Dudleys wife and daughter got up early this morning and went to the beauty shop, they both were going to get a pedicure. It will be interesting to see what color toes Dudleys daughter comes home with this time. Dudley must have been tired, he slept till ten forty AM, which is a good three or four hours longer than usual.

I run the red ram through about once a month for a wax and wash job..always looks pretty good until the Florida sand cakes up on it..takes about two days.
I know what you mean GuyK, this time of year when you wash your vehicle, you look at it the next day and it is covered with yellowish green pollen. Or it is covered with good old West Texas dust from a dust storm.

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