Thursday, May 8, 2008


Frank Made It Home Yesterday Morning About ...

11:15. It was great to see him. You would not believe the amount of stuff he brought home with him from college. The stuff he took down to A&M last summer must have multiplied. The cab of his truck was crammed full as was a good portion of his truck bed. He had a refrigerator, a microwave, bicycle, x-box and tons of clothes and no telling what else. He unloaded all of the stuff in the back of the truck because it was threatening rain and then we left to go eat at his favorite Bar-B-Q place, Cousin's. It is my second favorite behind Angelo's. We had a good lunch and then went back home to await the arrival of his new kayak and equipment which was scheduled to arrive by Roadway Express between 2:00 and 5:00 PM. Around 3:40 PM, we heard a large truck outside and went to meet the driver. He was a nice guy and helped Frank unload the kayak and carry it into the house. The kayak was wrapped in some heavy plastic sheathing and they unpacked it and there was no damage so I signed off on the shipment and thanked the driver. We went in and looked at all his new stuff. It felt like Christmas. When Franks sister got home from school, they went down to visit their grandmother who is recovering from knee surgery at home. Frank said he drove Lizzie's new car for the first time and he liked it, he said it is a great car for a girl. Sounds somewhat sexist I know, he of course would not dream of driving anything other than a pick up truck. It is a guy thing don't you know. I have an idea he would not mind getting the gas mileage she does in his big V8 powered truck. Of course Frank did not stay home for dinner, it was off to meet some of his old friends who had just gotten home from college as well. I wondered how long it would take Frank to try out his new kayak. Well let me tell you he did not disappoint. He and his best friend Chace were up early this morning headed down to the creek that runs near our house with their kayaks. It is a beautiful clear water creek that runs over a limestone creek bed. There are some low water dams which you can kayak or canoe above. Frank has caught bass and bluegill down there before, it is a beautiful place and is almost in Dudleys back yard. Dudleys father used to go fly fishing on the same creek back before WWII when he was a young teenager. Back then there were no roads or houses, it was wild and you had to hike in a long ways on foot. It is depressing to Dudley that he can not go down on the creek and join them. When I was younger I could have but this progressive neuro muscular disease prevents that. That is just the way it is, and I will just have to keep trying to deal with it.

Our Aggie was a BQ, so during his fish year he had no problem fitting everything had had at A&M (which amounted to a footlocker and a closet's worth) into his truck. By his senior year the truck was piled high and the tarp stretched taut.
I tell you what Bob, if his stuff keeps multiplying, we are going to have to rent a store room or buy a bigger house.

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