Thursday, May 8, 2008


Frank And Chace Made It Back From The Kayak Trip ...

on the creek near the house. He said they had a good time. They carried their kayaks up stream to a low water dam and put the kayaks in the water. Frank said at first he spent some time learning how the kayak handled. He said he had no problem as he had spent a lot of time kayaking on the Guadalupe River at summer camp several years ago. He said he came up on a big rock that was sticking out of the water. He took his ultra light spinning rod and reel out of the rod holder and cast a small top water minnow and just started twitching it when he got a strike. He reeled in a nice bluegill. What a way to break in his new fishing kayak! He caught a fish on his first cast. I told him I hoped that was the first of many fish he would catch out of the craft. If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember a post I did a while back about the flood control project they are doing on the feeder creeks that feed the large creek near my house. You can read about it here. Frank said the creek below where the feeder creek comes into the large creek is polluted from a lot of liquid concrete running into the water. He said the water is a cloudy grey color from all of the concrete. When they got home, they had to get the water hose and wash the concrete off of their legs and off of the bottom of their kayaks. I am not a tree hugger or enviro nut by any means but this pisses me off. They are polluting a beautiful clear running creek out of either negligence or wanton disregard for the water. There ought to be laws against this sort of thing. Or I forgot there are but it seems whenever a government entity pollutes, it is somehow overlooked. However, let a private citizen do the same thing, and they are all over it.

You're right about the pollution. We have road construction up here which ruins the trout streams, but since the state is doing it nothing is said or done.
Hermit, I called the city to complain and they said what is going into the water is natural crushed limestone. They said it is not concrete. Crushed limestone is the main ingredient for cement. Add water and gravel and you have concrete. At any rate they are polluting the creek and killing the fish.

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