Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Dudleys Son Really Likes His New Kayak, ...

he has had it out twice now and only has one complaint. I knew from reading some of the reviews online for his particular model that some people had indicated that there was a problem with the scupper holes under the seat. There are two holes under the seat placed strategically so that one hole sits squarely under each butt cheek. These holes are designed so that water will drain out the kayak seat area and in theory keep your read end dry. However in practice as you are paddling, Frank advised water tends to splash up through these holes and after a time, your butt gets pretty well soaked. On one of the reviews, I read that it is a simple fix to buy a pair of plugs to put in the offending holes thereby stopping any water from splashing up onto ones posterior. Dudley measured the diameter of the holes and got online and began to search for the proper size rubber plugs. After looking around, I found a pair that I thought would work here. They came yesterday and we put them in. They fit perfectly and I think they will do the trick. I do hope they work as advertised as I think Frank is getting a little tired of pretending to be one of the Soggy Bottom Boys, though we do both like their music.

If you think about it that would be like sitiing in a wet depends diaper.
I guess it would H2O, I think he will enjoy his kayak a lot more with out sitting in a puddle of water.

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