Thursday, May 15, 2008


Dudley Got A Call Today From His Neurologist ...

to discuss his most recent sleep study. The news was not real good but Dudley was expecting this given the problem he has been having trying to get even a poor nights sleep. The doctor allowed that even with the supplemental oxygen and the Bipap machine set on the maximum pressure, I did not fare well during the test. He said I would stop breathing and woke up many times during the test. Apparently my oxygen level in my blood was not what it should be either. The quality of sleep I have been getting has steadily been decreasing the last year or so. I may lie in the bed eight full hours but get much less than eight hours sleep. It is a constant fight. Probably explains why I never feel very well and my grumpy disposition at times. I am going to go back in a few weeks for another sleep study this time with a Bipap machine set with a backup rate. The doctor explained that when I quit breathing , the machine will force air into my lungs and is supposed to jump start the urge to breath. I tried this a few years ago and never could adjust to this type of setting on the machine and finally gave up. The doctor said during the study they will medicate me to help tolerate this and be able to go to sleep. I don't like the sound of taking sleeping pills as my breathing is so weak, I am afraid I will simply go into respiratory failure and forget to wake up. At least while I am at the sleep clinic, I will be monitored and should I quit breathing all together, they should be able to intervene and get me breathing again. My concern is when I am at home, and taking sleeping pills, if something goes wrong, it's good night nurse. I will just keep fighting this, what choice do I have. At some point in the future, I hope distant future, I may be faced with getting a tracheotomy and being put on a ventilator. I hope that day never comes, but who is to say. I can tell you this, if you get a good nights sleep every night and wake up rested and refreshed. Count your blessings, you do not know how lucky you are.

Good luck; I hope they can get some sort of workable solution for you.
Thanks BobG, I hope so too!

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