Thursday, May 1, 2008


Dudley Has A Busy Day Planned Today ...

first I need to go take a shower and go get dressed. Then it is off to the gas station to fill up my truck. Don't even ask what that will cost, I do not want to think about it. Then I need to go to the bank drive thru and get a little cash so I can go see my barber and get my haircut. Dudleys wife mentioned the other day Dudleys hair is starting to look pretty shaggy. Hey I am just glad to still have a full head of hair. A lot of guys can't say that you know. After that, I will probably go somewhere and get something to eat. Then I will probably go buy a Lotto and a Mega Millions ticket and go by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. After all of that running around, Dudley will be tired and it will be time to go home and take a nap. Being retired/disabled does have its advantages. Dudley and wife are still waiting on their big tax rebate from George W. The local media has been saying for the past several days that the government would be direct depositing the rebates early. Dudley checked the bank balance this morning and still no rebate. It looks like we will receive it tomorrow on Friday May 2nd which is the day we were originally scheduled to get it. So much for accurate reporting from the mainstream media. What the hell did Dudley expect, for the media to be right for once? Hopefully the rebate will arrive on time so Dudleys wife can go ahead and book her and Dudleys daughter and best friends summer vacation on the beach in Mexico. Dudleys wife has been spending way too much time on the computer looking at various vacation packages and has been cutting into Dudleys computer time way too much. This is in addition to Dudleys daughter's vast amount of time spent on the computer with all of her social networking with friends and downloading music and such. It is a wonder Dudley has time to blog.

Sounds like a pretty good life to me. And you have no one to tell you "do this or do that!"
Hermit I would not go that far, I do have a wife you know.

Check out fuel for thought on my's out of site! Got our rebate today and purchased a new camera so I'm ready to go take a bunch of pictures! Hope you guys have fun when you get to go to Mexico! :)
Hey Marian, gas prices are out of site allright. Hope you enjoy your new camera. Am looking forward to seeing the pictures on your blog. It will come in handy in the fall when you get that trophy buck.

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