Friday, April 18, 2008


The Second Part Of This Video Was Filmed Yesterday Afternoon Across The Creek From Dudleys Domicile ...

We were lucky, we only got pea sized hail. In some areas the hail covered the ground in big drifts, and looked like snow. Some areas got up to baseball sized hail and bigger.

Saw on TV that windshields got busted out and big dents in vehicles...We had more tornadoes to touch down in MS again and did damage in Hinds County. Looks like we have had a lot of bad weather lately. The MS River keeps rising. People will be out of homes and work for about 6 more weeks depending on the weather not to mention crops are ruin. That's pretty sad.
Marian that is depressing about people being out of their homes and work. It is not that bad here. There was a lot of damage from the hail. The last two storms have produced some small tornadoes. It is that time of year I guess.

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