Sunday, April 20, 2008


It Was A Quiet Weekend Around The Dudley Domicile ...

There was not much going on which was fine with Dudley. The weather was nice for a change, with the high temperature getting up into the low eighties. The storms we have been having lately have taken a break at least for now. The Dallas Mavericks lost their first playoff game and the Texas Rangers are back to losing again. At least the Dallas Stars just won and are advancing to the next round in the playoffs. Dudleys daughter Lizzie got to baby sit for our next door neighbors for about three hours this afternoon and evening. They have a little girl four or five years of age. She just got a new dachshund puppy they named Honey. Don't tell the neighbors but Lizzie would probably pay to sit and play with the new puppy but as it was, she earned thirty dollars which was a pretty good deal. Will help her buy gas for her car. Lizzie spent the night last night with her grandmother who is at home recuperating from double knee surgery. She has been running errands for her grandmother since she went home on Friday. I have an idea she is earning some gas money helping her out. Once school is out, she will be looking for a job to pay for gas for her car and to get some exposure to the reality of working at a real job. I remember when I was 16, I went out and got a job as did her mother and brother. I remember my first real job working in the Men's department of a local department store. I only made a little over two dollars an hour but you know looking back, I realize I had more money back then to spend on what I wanted than I have since I grew up. She better enjoy being 16 while she can, life starts to get complicated real quick from what I can remember.

Babysitting is a decent business these days. My kids will babysit and come home with $30 or $40 dollars for a few hours work. I remember babysitting six kids for $1 an hour.

Lizzie sounds like a sweet kid. It's great that she stayed with her grandmother and helped her out. I know a lot of kids who wouldn't bother.
Terri, she makes pretty good money babysitting and she is a sweet child. Six kids for one dollar an hour, sounds like slave labor now, Lizzie gets ten dollars per hour for one kid.

Good luck to your daughter finding a job out there. Things are tight all over these days, too many people being let go.
Thanks Hermit, she should be able to find a job around here this summer.

Sounds like a good kid. You musta done somethin' right.
Thanks FHB she is a great kid.

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