Sunday, April 13, 2008


It Has Been An Interesting Three Days Around The Dudley Domicile ...

Dudley woke up about three A.M. Thursday morning and saw lightning and heard thunder so he turned on the t.v. and tuned in to the local weather channel. Dudley saw there was a huge squall line or storm front just to the west approaching fast. The lined stretched from up in Oklahoma all of the way down into near South Texas. The local t.v. weather people were alerting people in the area to take cover as several tornados had been reported in the area as well as eighty mile per hour straight line winds and large hail. Dudley woke up the wife and alerted her to the impending storm. I told her to get ready to grab Lizzie and jump in the bathtub if need be. The storm hit at about 3:12 AM with a fury. Dudley and wife and daughter and dog all ended up piled up in the king sized bed. The winds hit suddenly and you could hear tree limbs snapping an debris hitting the house and for a brief few seconds it sounded like some very large hail hit the roof. About that time, the electricity went out which was expected. We live down in a large creek bottom with a lot of beautiful mature trees but when it storms like it did the other night, you can count on the power going out. Dudley has the power company programmed into his cell phone so he called and reported the outage. It pisses Dudley off that you can't talk to a live person, you push buttons and talk to a robotatron which informed Dudley the outage had been reported and they could not give an estimated time of repair. Little did Dudley know it would be almost three days without power. Dudley does not want to sound like a whiner but when you sleep attached to two life support machines, a loss of power is a cause for concern. I will do another post on my futile attempts to get the power company to take emergency measures to restore my power when I am sufficiently recovered for a full blown rant. The next morning Dudleys daughter was relieved to see a very large limb from a tree in our front yard had fallen during the storm just missing her new car by a few feet. When you are disabled like Dudley and spend a lot of time, just watching television and blogging, and spending time on the computer, a power outage is a major catastrophe not to mention the needed life support equipment. We are lucky I guess, it could have been much worse.

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