Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Happy 16th Birthday Lizzie !!!

It is official, my baby girl turns sweet sixteen today. Her mother took her early this morning to the Texas Department of Public Safety and she got her drivers license. She promptly came home and got in her new car and drove off on her own for the first time headed for school and the dreaded high school parking lot. Oh the agony, just thinking about her driving on her own and being out and about in this sometimes dangerous world we live in scares the crap out of Dudley. I was not nearly this concerned about my son, but I think girls are a different story and they face a higher risk than boys do. Dudley has been accused of worrying too much, and I must plead guilty as charged. I know as a parent you have to let your kids grow up and place a lot of trust in them and their guardian angles that everything will be all right but that won't stop me from doing a lot of worrying just the same. Dudley has a doctors appointment at the neurologist this afternoon. I am not going to be able to watch most of the Texas Rangers home opener as a result. My doctors appointment is in Arlington but hopefully I will get out of there and be well on my way home before the traffic for the game lets out. If Dudleys wife can leave work early enough, perhaps we can go out to eat to celebrate Lizzies birthday and we can get back home in time to watch the entire Dallas Mavericks basketball game tonight. One can only hope.

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Yep, we definitely worry more about our baby girls than our boys!
Thanks Terri.

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