Sunday, April 6, 2008


Dudley Spent Another Boring Weekend At Home ...

watching television and surfing the Internet. Dudleys wife and daughter went to East Texas yesterday to visit the in laws. Dudleys son is away at college. At least today was a good day for Dudleys baseball and basketball teams. Both the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks won today. Only problem was both games were on at the same time so I could only watch one and check the score on the other during the commercial breaks for the most part. I guess I need to get that TIVO thing for one of the televisions so I could watch one game and record the other to watch later. We have no shortage of televisions around Dudleys domicile, we have four state of the art color t.v.'s, one in the family room and one in each of the three bedrooms. The weather has been nice all weekend, it is warming up into the upper seventies or lower eighties. It is supposed to get cloudy this evening and we probably will get some scattered showers Tuesday through Thursday of next week. Dudleys daughter turns sweet 16 on Tuesday and she seems to think her mother is going to let her skip her first class to go over to the drivers license office. I think she should have to wait until later in the week. It would be a good lesson in patience and character building and all that. Well see how it goes. Dudleys has a doctors appointment Tuesday afternoon but has offered to take her after school on Wednesday. Dudleys memory is fading but I do remember when I turned 16, getting that license was a pretty big deal. I guess no matter how much things change, some things remain the same.

Bubba...don't you dare make her wait! How would you have liked that. I'll take her tomorrow afternoon if I need to. (I can take her even if I did flunk my driving test the first time. I know you will never let me forget that!) Big Sis
lfp, I am sure her mother will take her before she goes to work. As you know Dudley does not do mornings. And no,I will never let you forget I passed my drivers test on the first try and you failed miserably.

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