Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dudley Just Heard News Of Another Construction Crane Collapse ...

is it just me or does it appear that there may be some sabotage going on. There have been several such accidents reported in the last few weeks. The crane operator was killed in the accident today. Does someone need to contact the department of Homeland Security? Could this be a new form of domestic terrorism? I realize accidents happen, companies are always trying to cut costs any way they can often at the risk of employee safety, and sometimes the employees make stupid mistakes with tragic results. Maybe it is a coincidence that there have been a rash of crane accidents recently. Dudley is not so sure.

It's possible. Very possible. I mean look at all the potential victims and the statement that can be made when one of these "accidents" goes off.
Diva who knows for sure, but just the same I think I will steer clear of any construction cranes to be on the safe side.

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