Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dudley Is Trying To Trim His Property Taxes ...


on the old homestead. Since Dudley and wife purchased our home in late 2003, the local appraisal district has increased our property tax almost forty percent! The valuation on our home has been increased by the powers that be by almost $9,500.00 each of the last four years. With the recent crash of the housing market, there is no way we could sell our home for what they have it valued at. I started to file a protest a few years ago and got the paperwork but I called and spoke to a guy at the appraisal office and told without sufficient documentation the protest would fall on deaf ears. Being disabled, it would be difficult for Dudley to try and get this done and Dudleys wife does not have the time. Dudley heard an ad on the radio the other day for a law firm that will file a protest for the homeowner, attend the hearing and obtain and provide the needed documentation to force the appraisal district to lower the valuation. They charge half of the amount they lower the tax bill. This seems fair to Dudley and the way I figure it we will come out ahead. If they do not lower the tax bill, we owe nothing. The way they have been raising our property taxes the last few years, I have an idea they will be able to lower the amount we owe. This will lower our tax bill and as an added bonus, our house payments should go down. I normally try to stay away from attorneys but like doctors, they can serve a needed purpose at times. I have an idea the taxes are spent long before they are collected. My guess is the appraisal district, when forced to cut one persons property taxes just raises the next guys taxes by the same amount to cover the shortfall.

Good Luck! We have an amedment to the Florida constitution that limits how much the state can raise our property taxes each year..keeps the sumbitches from taxing us out of our homes. And, we just passed another amendment back in thw inter that farthur reduces taxes on our homes by exempting the first 25,000 and the amount between 50,000 and 75,000 which for moast will give a 50,000 dollar Homestead exemption...lowed my taxes considerably.
Thanks GuyK, we are paying way too much in property taxes in spite of filing for the homestead exemption and Dudley qualifying for the disabled exemption. Sounds like you have some favorable tax laws there in Florida. The large number of retired folks are a strong lobby no doubt.

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