Sunday, April 13, 2008


Dudley Has Got To Recover From The Lack Of Sleep ...

caused by the power outage and the temporary loss of Dudleys life support equipment. We have tickets to go see the Texas Rangers vs the Angels of Anaheim in a few days. Dudleys Big Sis works for a manufacturing company and is their controller. The man that owns the majority of her company owns a luxury suite at the Ballpark in Arlington. Usually about once a year she gets tickets to a Ranger game and we all get a chance to go enjoy a game and see how the other half lives. It is really an adventure, you get to park right across from the stadium near the helicopter pad and you go in a private entrance reserved for the suite owners and their guests. You get to ride up a fancy elevator with a real live elevator attendant. You step off of the elevator and walk down a beautiful hallway adorned with photos of some of the greats in baseball history. The suite we are fortunate to use once a year is located between home plate and first base and is located very near the team owners suite and the City of Arlington's suite. The suite itself is very nice. You walk in and there is a private bathroom and kitchen bar area then you step down into the main room which is very nice. There are large leather couches and chairs where you can sit and watch the game on the large flat screen t.v. on the wall or you can look out the glass wall and door out onto the field and the private 10 seat seating area. The seats look right out above home plate and the seats are covered so if it were to rain, you don't have to worry about getting wet. The only worry is at times a baseball will come flying at you at 100 mph or so. I have seen them smash into the glass wall at the back of the seating area and the glass must be bullet proof because it doesn't break. Dudleys daughter is taking her best friend for the first time and we all should have a great time. I hope the Rangers win, they got beat last night and are playing again this afternoon. I will try to take some photos of the suite and the ball field and will post them on here one day later in the week after the game.

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