Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dudley Has Decided How He Is Going To Stimulate The Economy ...

when his share of George W's tax rebate arrives. He is going to buy his son a Malibu Mini-X fishing kayak. These sit on top kayaks are so neat, this one only weighs about forty pounds. Frank will be able to put this in the bed of his pickup with a life jacket and a fly rod, spinning rod and some tackle and be on the way to any creek, river or small lake and go fishing. He will be able to get to places the guys in the thirty thousand dollar bass boats would not dream of going. Since Dudley can not get around very well these days, I guess he will have to live vicariously through his son. That is the next best thing but what I would not give to be able to go fishing in one of these. He wants the hunter green version which is a good choice for a fishing boat. I know he will have a lot of fun using this as he likes to fish as much as Dudley, maybe more. One of his good friends has a kayak and he has been wanting one for a while. He has a seventeen foot canoe but it is really to long to carry in the back of a short bed pickup. He and his friend have been on a few canoe trips on the Brazos river below Possum Kingdom and I know they would enjoy kayaking down the river. Dudleys wife and daughter are going to go to Mexico and stimulate the Mexican economy this summer. Don't tell George W, he might withhold their portion of the tax rebate. Dudley had thought about buying a semi auto pistol, but that can wait for now. There are fish to be caught and memories to be made.

Looks nice.. my best friend and her husband are big into the sport.Enjoy!

I'd find something nice to buy, except I won't get a tax rebate check. Single and making too much money, none coming to me, though it's my taxes that help pay for it.

The plan was for the money TO BE SPENT to stimulate the economy. But apparently I am not allowed to spend it. They're selective in who can "stimulate the economy". Those on the bottom end of the list, people that have no money and pay less (or no) taxes with get a nice check, which WON'T be spent to stimulate anything as they need it to pay off debt. And those that make more that actually WOULD go out and spend it freely, won't see it.

It's a wealth redistribution plan, NOT a stimulus package.
Linda, my sister has the same complaint, she is single with no children so she is taxed at a higher rate and will not get the tax rebate. If people have to use the money to pay off debt they don't know how to handle their money. We are the exception. We have zero credit card debt. We live within our means, only borrowed money to buy a house and have one car payment. We have a good income and are still getting a nice rebate, stimulus or whatever you want to call it and can spend it on something fun due to being financially responsible.
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