Thursday, March 20, 2008


When I Was In My Teens, I Was Big Into Largemouth Bass ...

fishing. I used to dream of catching the new world record bass. The old record was set in 1932 by George Perry and still stands. His bass weighed an enormous 22 lbs 4 oz's. The fish was caught in Georgia and was weighed locally on certified scales and documented. He entered the fish into a contest run by Field & Stream and easily won. This was during the depression and George promptly took the fish home and cleaned it and he and his family ate it for dinner that night. For years there were no known photos of the world record fish. There were indications a photo had existed but none ever surfaced. George Perry was a private pilot and died in a crash in 1974. A few years ago, an Aunt of George Perry passed away and while cleaning out her personal effects in her home, a long lost photo of the world record bass was discovered. What an awesome fish, I am still dreaming of breaking that record, though I now know it will never happen as sadly my bass fishing days are pretty much over.

Hope your cold is better. Take care.
Thanks nickel, I am a little better today.

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