Sunday, March 30, 2008


So Much For Dudleys Surprise, Someone Let The Cat Out Of The Bag ...

Yesterday about lunchtime, Dudleys son called and said one of his friends was leaving in a few hours to drive up to Fort Worth to visit his girlfriend. Frank said he was going to hitch a ride and come home for the rest of the weekend. He said they were going to leave about 5:00 PM. His mother and sister were at the mall when he called so I told him not to tell them and that it would be fun if he surprised them and simply walked through the door around 8:30 PM. Well so much for surprises. When Dudleys wife and daughter got home around 6:00 PM, Dudleys daughter coyly announced that she knew a secret that Dudley did not know. Dudley then knew that somehow they had found out and he deflated Dudleys daughters balloon when he told her that her brother would be home in a few hours. She was surprised and demanded to know how I found out. I told her that I was the first to know thank you very much as Frank had called me first and told me the news. I found out he had called his grandmother and she was the one that had let the cat out of the bag.

Frank rode down with his big brother from their fraternity back at Texas A&M. He has a girlfriend that goes to T.C.U. in Fort Worth. Frank said his girl friends father is very wealthy and that he provided his big brother with a credit card for him to use to pay for his gas for weekend trips when he goes to visit the man's daughter. Dudley was taken aback by this news. I had a few girl friends along the way and Dudley remembers some perks like getting to borrow the fathers Jeep to go riding around in. Going swimming in the pool, or going deer hunting on the fathers farm. But damn if Dudley remembers a girl friends father ever giving him a credit card or any other financial consideration. What is this world coming to? Oh ya and Frank, just one more thing, you need to check and see if she has a sister, maybe you could get the same deal.

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