Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mountain Lion In Mason Texas, Got It From Bennie ...

These pictures are from a guy out in Mason , TX . The pictures were taken from his kitchen onto his deck this year when it snowed in January. The (cat) mountain lion was watching his little kids playing on the kitchen floor. It is not a pet. In case you don't know Mason is located north of San Antonio,TX between Austin and San Angelo.

looks like time to get some dawgs for the yard, huh?
Better be a big dog GuyK.

Looks like a young'un.
Hope the guy has got a shotgun as well as a camera.
Oh, wait. This was in Texas, right. Never mind.
We get young ones here all the time; the mountains west of Salt Lake are full of the cats and now and then some get chased down into the valley and get holed up in somebody's yard after being chased by dogs and kids.
Joated does look like a young'un. No doubt attracted by the sound of his young'uns playing on the floor. Ya it is Texas the homeowner no doubt has a few guns.

BobG I bet that is exciting when the neighborhood kids and dogs tree one of those cats in the back yard.

naaa, just a barking dawg will usually scare them away and at least will warn you something that ain't supposed to be out there is out there..
That's pretty scary!!! Yikes! I would have some protection just in never know. A dog is a good idea also if he does not get eaten up by a wild step-daughter out in Santa Fe, NM had two house dogs to get eaten up by coyotes...they live on the outskirts of town.
Marian that is a shame about your step-daughters dogs. That happens around DFW. They keep building new houses out into the countryside and people lose cats and dogs to the coyotes and bobcats.

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