Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It Has Rained Here All Day, Which Is Good, We Need ...

the rain to be sure. But damn if I don't hate to have to get out in rainy weather. Dudley feels like crap, he has another bad head cold. I just got over the flu a while back and now I have another head cold, the second one in the last several months.

I had a doctors appointment today at my neurologist which is about thirty miles away. It was pouring down rain and not feeling too well, I called and begged off and rescheduled. I go to the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic and they understand it is more difficult to get around in bad weather and the risk of falling is greater.

I was looking forward to sitting under a blanket and watching t.v. or sitting at the computer and taking it easy today. No such luck as Dudleys daughter Lizzie is off this week for spring break. Her birthday is in about three weeks, she will be sweet sixteen. Her grand mother is buying her a new car for her birthday. She has been looking at cars with her brother and her mother and she decided on a 2008 Honda Civic LX. Dudley has been on the computer researching the invoice price on the car and has been calling around to several dealers telling them I am disabled and wanted a drive out price on the car with no dealer add ons.

I had spoken to several dealers and gotten prices from each. I then called the closest dealer, about a half mile away from Dudleys domicile and got them to match the lowest figure I had been able to obtain. Of course Dudleys daughter insisted we go to her grandmothers and pick up a check and go get the car today despite the fact it is pouring down rain. Being the good father that I am, I mustered up the energy to take a shower, get dressed and venture out into the monsoon.

I hate buying a car or truck, even paying cash, it took a good two hours to complete the transaction. We got the new car home and it is a sporty little ride in Atomic Blue Metallic. The car gets 25 mpg in town and 36 mpg on the highway. I think Honda builds a reliable efficient vehicle and I think she will prove to the rest of the family she is the smartest one of all when she goes to the gas station. Everyone else drives full size pick ups or SUVs. This is the first time for Dudley to buy a foreign automobile. The engine was made in the USA, the transmission was made in Japan and the car was assembled in Canada. I guess there is a global economy after all. Dudley has purchased a Yamaha motorcycle in the past and a Yamaha outboard motor so I know the Japanese can build a good product.

Dudley is tired and is going to go to bed. When the weather clears up, I will take some photos of Lizzie and her new car and post them to the blog. Lizzie will have to be content to sit in the car and listen to the radio for the next three weeks. Then she can get her drivers license and watch out, there she goes.

Hope both you and your Mom's pocketbook recover soon! And make sure Dudley's Daughter pays her own insurance premium. Gives her a stake in being a safe driver! ;-)
As soon as she turns 16 she can go get a part time job just like her older brother did. She will have to buy her gas and pay for inspections and registraiton. We will pay for her insurance. If she gets a ticket or has an accident, the insurance will go up and she will be paying the increased amount.

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