Friday, March 28, 2008


Dudley Had A Visitor Today ...

I have possums and racoons come up on my porch every night and eat the cat food. I watch them on the monitor. They never hurt anything and I kind of like watching them, so I don't go out and startle them. The cats steer clear of the racoons but they rub up against the possums. Maybe they think they are cats.
Don't have any of them here in Utah. The pictures I've seen always look like a big mangy rat to me.
Hermit, we live near a large creek and get possums and racoons as well. Like yours, they come up on the porch looking for cat food. It was kind of unusual to see a possum out in the middle of the day, they usually don't venture out until after dark.

BobG, I agree, they look like a big long tailed rat. Can you believe people have been known to eat those nasty things.

We have both possums and raccoons. The possums rarely show their faces. The raccoons are usually roadkill, except for the one that decided to make himself comfy in my garage one summer afternoon.
Terri, it was unusual to see a possum out in the day time. One day during a thunderstorm, a loud clap of thunder caused three baby raccoons to run out of a hollow tree and down this same fence. It was pretty amazing, they were so small.

Let me tell you about possums and raccoons...we had a crawl space under our home and they ate the cats (15 cats) food next door and came over to our house to spend the night/day. They tore out all our was a big mess. Finally got it all boarded up and they can't get in now. We live in the city and they provided the traps for us. 6 possums and 6 raccoons..I was so glad that now we have peace under our house...
PS: Oh, the cats would have kittens and guess where they would have them? Under our house of course!
Marian, I am glad you got the critters out from under your house. I bet they can be destructive.

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