Monday, March 10, 2008


Dudley And Son Had A Nice Afternoon Today ...

we went to eat Bar-B-Que at Cousins and then went out to Cabelas. Before that we went to the gas station and I gave him the money to fill up his truck with gas at $3.09 a gallon. We had a good time and of course I bought our lunch. At Cabelas we first went to the indoor shooting gallery. It is fun but not the real thing. The guns shoot a beam of light at an infrared animated target. Last trip we tied but today Dudley won by ten points. Dudley enjoyed rubbing it in that he is the better shot but in reality with the muscle disease I have in a real shooting environment with real guns he could easily beat me. I miss the real old timey shooting galleries of my youth where you shot a real .22 caliber rifle with real ammunition at moving metal targets. They made a nice sound when you shot and hit the target. If there are any real shooting galleries like that any more I have not seen one. They may still have them at Carnivals and Fairs but I don't go to those kinds of places anymore due to my muscular dystrophy. I bought a shooting monopod for Frank to use on his hog hunting trip. I hope to go back to Arkansas deer hunting next year and if I do it will come in handy. I bought a couple of bags of Beef Jerky for our trip also. It will be good to snack on while we are riding around the ranch looking for a trophy boar hog. All in all it was a good day, I need to go to the bank, then I think I will come home and take a nap.

Ooooh, cabela's is such fun. Which one did you go to.. The one up by Alliance Airport is bigger than the one in Buda.
Hey FHB, we went to the one by Alliance. One of our favortie places to be sure.

$3.09! I wish. It's $3.32 here at the cheap stations.
Hermit I guess it could be worse huh?

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