Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dudley And Dudleys Wife and Daughter ...

went out to eat last night at Texas Roadhouse. It was really good. Dudley had prime rib, Dudleys wife had a steak k-bob and Dudleys daughter had BBQ ribs. The food was good and the prices were not bad, the only complaint was the joint was too damn noisy. You could not hear yourself fart in there. Not that Dudley would ever do such a thing in public ya know. On the way out, Dudley spotted a lifted Dodge 4wd pickup. It had huge tires on it. I took a photo with my cell phone and sent it down to Dudleys son who is away at college. He responded it was a sweet truck. He would like to do that to his truck but Dudley will not let him.

We had to hurry back home after eating because Dudleys wife had another appointment at the sleep clinic. They tested her last night on a C-pap machine. She said it was not as bad as she had feared it would be. they told her she has mild sleep apnea so she is probably going to be prescribed a machine of her own pretty soon. Dudley has been sleeping with a Bi-pap machine and an oxygen concentrator for several years now due to his severe sleep apnea resulting from his muscular dystrophy and an operated herniated diaphragm.

This morning, Dudley and wife went by the tax office and signed our forms for electronic filing of our tax return. We got a copy of the completed return and our sons return. We paid $318.00 for our joint return and $29.00 for Dudleys son's return. This was money well spent. Now we can just count the days until our refund and the our tax rebate is direct deposited into our checking account. Dudley knows a big secret and is keeping it from Dudleys wife and daughter. They have gone to the beauty parlor and the mall so who knows when they will be back.

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