Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As Promised, A Photo Of Dudleys Daughter With Her New Car ...

Dudley, your daughter is beautiful. I will tell my son Glenn he needs to leave Vancouver and move to Texas, where there are obviously good candidates for wives.
Thanks Hermit, Texas has it's share of good looking girls.

Such a pretty young lady!
Thank you H2O, I think so too. Luckily she gets her looks from her mother.

Oh jeez! You got that good looking young red-head a set of wheels?

Dudley, you are 1) in deep trouble now, 2) going to have to be cleaning your guns real soon (if you know what I mean), 3) one heck of a Dad!

Good luck, old man!
Thanks Joated, I know what you mean, I have an old Lefever Nitro Special Double Barrel Shotgun hanging up in the front room. All of her prospective dates will see it when they come through the door to pick her up.

Damn my daughter who is 16 and just got her learners permit saw this and now she she thinks I have to buy her a car. I told her to say up her money and I will match it after a while. She sad humppp and went to talk to mama. I told her I would help her buy a pickup, but no way.. She is a Texas girl and that's what she should have. Her reply was NOT.
Hey Grandpa, making her work to pay half is a good idea. My daughter knows her parents could not afford to buy a new car, so she got grandma to buy it. I wanted her to get a pickup because they are safer but grandma said no, a girl needs a car.

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