Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I Went To The Doctor Yesterday And Had Another ...

PFT test done. That is a breathing test that tells the doctor how well your lungs are operating or in my case not working so great. I found out my lungs are only functioning at 33% of normal. That is an all time low score. Previously my lowest score was 38%. The doctor did not seem all that concerned about the lower score. It does not sound so good to me. I go every six months and get re tested. If I continue to lose five percent of my lung function every six months, do the math, in a little over three years I will be at zero lung function. I am not a doctor but that does not sound so good to me. I guess there is no point in worrying about it. I will just keep on fighting the good fight like I have always done.

I am not smart enough to get on a good rant about the economy and politics like some bloggers do but I am going to try. I am afraid that as a nation, we are nearing the final chapter of the book titled The Rise And Fall Of The American Empire. Our elected officials have been selling out the American people for far too long and it only seems to get worse.

When I was in high scool, my father took my to a sporting goods store and bought me a pair of hunting boots, a pair of Herman Survivors. I was so proud of them. They were well made in the USA. I have worn those boots on many a hunting trip and hiked many a mile in them. They are thirty years old now and like me are showing their age and if I wasn't disabled it would be time to replace them. I got online last night out of curiosity and found that the Herman Survivor Boots as I knew them no longer exist. The company sold out a few years ago to Walmart. Guess what happened then? They immediately closed the US plant, fired all of the employees and moved production overseas to China. I read some reviews of the foreign made boots and they are of terrible quality. People report wearing them one time and the soles start to seperate from the rest of the boot.

The same thing is happening in the fishing tackle and firearms industry. American companies are being sold out and production is being moved overseas and the quality suffers as do the untold number of Americans who lose their jobs and their livelyhoods. The same thing is happening across the board in all of American manufacturing. When are the American people going to wake up and realize if this does not stop, America as we have known it will be no more.

Does anyone care ???

Bubba...your sister cares! We are losing a lot of business to China and Mexico.
I am glad to know at least one other person is concerned.

You know I think about you often. My health issues are nothing compared to yours. I wish you the best!
Thanks H2o

Hope things will get better for you jdp....I care!
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