Friday, February 29, 2008


I Got My New Power Wheelchair Today ...

I think I am going to like it. The best thing about it compared to my old one is it is not so big. The chair is narrower and will fit through the doors in my home much easier than my old one. The seat actually sits up higher than the old chair which is a plus but the seat itself is not too big like my old chair. The new chair has a horn which is going to be fun to use, the old chair did not have one. I had a hard time charging the old chair without help and I will be able to charge this one by myself. The best thing is it has solid tires and I won't have to worry about them going flat every few days like the old one. It is super maneuverable and will turn on a dime. The only bad thing is this chair is made in China and not USA made like my old chair. Like every thing else these days, it is being manufactured overseas. Damn politicians have sold out the American people. Time will tell if the chair will hold up. I hope it will last at least five years because my Insurance won't cover a new one before then.

I know how you feel about the "Chinese" stuff. I too am hard pressed to find any country other that China on the labels. I have seen your chair in action and it is impressive. It can turn on a dime (at least that is American) and doesn't sound like a toy. My brother-in-law has bad legs and has looked very carefully at these power chairs (he is 6'6") and gives this style a big thumbs up.
Thanks for stopping by Dudleys Diary Richard. I think I am going to like the new chair. Time will tell how it will hold up.

Nice ride!
Thanks H2o, I think I will like it.

It looks like it will take you where you want to go, and do it in some style.

Even if it was made in China.....I bet they didn't design it!
Nancy you are probably right, it likely was USA designed if not USA made.

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