Friday, February 15, 2008


Dudley Is Tired Today After An Exciting Day Yesterday ...

Dudleys son Frank called yesterday about lunchtime and sounded terrible on the phone. He barely could get out the words, "Dad, I have the flu." He had been to the school clinic the day before and they had been seeing sick college students all day. They took his temperature and he was runnning a fever between 103 and 104. They said he won the prize for the highest temperature all day. They gave him some Tamiflu and some tylenol with codine and sent him back to his dorm. He tried to tough it out but was up all night throwing up and could not sleep. When he called I asked him if he wanted his mother or I to come get him and bring him home and he said he did. I told him one of us would be leaving shortly and should be there by 4PM.

Dudley called his wife and she told Dudley he had no business driving down there as I sure don't need to ride in the enclosed vehicle with him having the flu given my health problems and given the fact his pulmonologist has suggested it is not a good idea for Dudley to drive long distances especially alone. Dudleys wife has a strong work ethic and in the last ten years I would put her record up against anyone as far as calling in sick or taking time off is concerned. She went to her boss and told her her son was sick with the flu and she needed to leave to go get him. The cold hearted mean spirited (supervisor) told her no she could not leave until she completed the project she was working on which would entail another two or three hours.

Dudleys wife was in shock and could not believe anyone could be so heartless. Dudley was madder than hell but advised he would go pick him up and bring him home. I drove down to College Station and went to his dorm and waited for him to stagger out to the truck. He did not look too good. Talk about green around the gills. We made it home about eight last night and Dudley staggered in and collapsed in his chair. Frank staggered in and collapsed in his bed.

He is feeling a little better this morning. At least he got some sleep last night and was not throwing up anymore. He is going to be allright. I just hope and pray I do not get the flu. If I do I will have to call my neurologist and tell him and he more than likely will put Dudley in the hospital due to my weakened respiratory system resulting from my Muscular Dystrophy. Dudley got a flu shot this year but from what I am hearing, it is not working on the strain of flu that is going around.

I sure hope you don't get it either. I also hope your son gets better.
H2o I think my son is starting to feel a little better. My throat is starting to feel kind of sore, I hope I am not coming down with the flu.

Good Grief....I hope you don't get sick Dudley...and that your son will be feeling better soon. I hope he is not allergic to codine..I am..and all I do is throw up when I take that stuff. Get your rest and will keep you and yours in my prayers that you want get it or your wife and your son will get well soon.
Thanks Marian, Frank is doing better, and I think his mother and sister are going to drive him back to College Station Sunday. I seem to have dodged the flu bug so far.

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